Who Are We?

Labyrinth Bookstore is a small little production run out of one person’s Montreal apartment. It started out as an idea, a longing for purpose, a way to connect and to grow. When COVID struck the world, Gage Wheatley decided to take his life in the direction he always wanted it to but never found the time or courage. He channelled his anxiety into something productive that would combine his passions of literature and art, and the bookstore was born! 

Labyrinth Anthologies is our print publication that isn’t afraid to be weird or different! We’re lovers of all poetry, prose and art. In terms of what style we’re looking for? Pretty much anything! We don’t subscribe to any one kind, so feel free to send us absolutely anything! We’re not afraid of change, being different, or trying new things, and we’re also very fond of the classics.

And want to hear something cool? When you’re accepted to be printed in a Labyrinth Anthology your piece becomes the foundation for a prompt or exercise for the reader to enjoy and use as well! We aim to engage our readers beyond just the page. We hope to inspire creativity, always! We want to build a community of writers and artists that can lean on each other, learn from each other and grow together! 

We aim to publish 3 collections a year, one for poetry, one for visual art and one for prose (fiction/nonfiction) all centered around a theme intended to inspire exploration, both of the world around us, as well as within ourselves. Our collections will also contain introspective activities based on the works published, to get you motivated and inspired beyond simply reading or viewing a collection. 

We wanted to create something that we’ve always wanted to read. Something that could be both serious and meaningful, but also fun, explorative, interesting and… well, weird! Come get lost in this wild and crazy world with us!

Labyrinth Anthologies is a queer-run and created publisher that also seeks to uplift commonly marginalized/underrepresented voices and is putting the call out for any works written or created by people who are Indigenous, Black, racialized, Disabled, 2SLGBTQIA+, and/or are just simply getting a later start in their artistic careers.

The Anthology Masthead

Gage Wheatley

Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Gage Michael Wheatley (he/him) is a queer poet from Tiohtià:ke (Montreal). He has a fascination with nature and artifacts, and loves to anthropomorphize them. He has a degree in Classics and Art History from Concordia University. Gage likes to move furniture, get tattoos, cut his hair or talk to animals.

Sadie Gilker

Assistant Editor

Sadie Gilker is an interdisciplinary artist residing in Montreal. Their work focuses on the history and textures of violence, memory, waiting and the natural world. Additionally, Sadie is a recent MA graduate from the Individualized Program at Concordia University. Their thesis "Belfast's Sites of Conflict and Structural Violence: An Exploration of Public Spaces Through Theatre and Performance" deals with performances of violence in Belfast's public spaces, blending urban planning, performance studies and history to complete the analysis. Sadie spends most of their time embroidering, writing and walking. Instagram: @sad.ie.art